This is a topic addressing the top nursing websites for nurses in Nigeria today.

In this topic, you will know;

  • The major nursing websites you can follow as a nurse in Nigeria.
  • What makes each of them unique

We are in 2022 and false, incorrect information is everywhere on the web. How do you get the right information? 

The answer is simple: by simply following the right sources.

Where do you get your nursing information from?

As a nurse, do you research enough to get the right information or do you believe everything you see online?

Information is key and where you get it from is VERY important.

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Top Nursing Websites for nurses in Nigeria 2022/2023

These websites are not in any particular order. 

(1). 9janurses

9janurses is a blog site made specifically for Nigerian nurses in about 2 and half years ago by Nrs Abdul Suleiman. 

The blog is unarguably one of the most visited nursing websites in Nigeria and Africa as of today.

What makes the 9janurses website unique?

This blog answers whatever questions you may have as a nurse in Nigeria and outside. Relocation to the UK, Ireland, and the USA and so much quality information.

Visit 9janurse here =>

(2). Exclusive Health Info

Initially, this blog was not built to target solely nurses but now it is because it is owned by a nurse.

Exclusive Health Info is a blog founded by the one and only oracle we have as far as Nigeria nursing is concerned, Nrs Osagie Merry (CEO of VicMerry Intercontinental) as far back as 2020.

What makes Exclusive Health Info unique?

If you care to have enough information about how you can travel out, get overseas nursing jobs, and set up your business as a nurse, Exclusive Health Info is your go-to website.

Visit Exclusive Health Info =>

(3). Health Workers Bio

As a nurse, you need a forum where you can connect with people like you and people who understand you better.

Health Workers Bio is a forum website for nurses and other medical practitioners founded by Olumide Olurankinse (Pamsnod) a couple of years ago.

What makes Health Workers Bio unique?

It is a forum for all medical professionals. You can sign up, and become a member and people can find you and whatever you post online. You also enjoy the information on IELTS, UK relocation and more.

Visit Health Workers Bio =>

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(4). Fellow Nurses Africa

Founded by Nrs Oluwatosin Kehinde (Kethz) and co-founded by 7 other great minds, Fellow Nurses Africa is one of the most popular nursing organizations in Nigeria’s nursing community.

What makes Fellow Nurses Africa unique? 

Apart from allowing nurse writers to share their content, it is unique for her Catch Them Young and Nursing Excellence Award programs. You also get a variety of information on nursing education, jobs, politics and more.

Visit Fellow Nurses Africa here =>

(5). Nurse’s Mind

Nurses Mind is a new website for nurses (globally) and it is a brand of the 9janurses (a CAC-registered brand).

I include it here because of the uniqueness of the articles published.

Visit Nurses Mind here =>

(6). Synergy Int. Nursing Network

This is a nursing recruiting agency founded by our popular Nrs Olayinka Aremu (Nrs Coach Ola) to help Nigeria nurses find relocation to the likes of Ireland, and the UK easier.

What makes Synergy Nurse unique?

There are courses on IELTS/OET for nurses and other professionals, free CBT courses, nurse mentorship to work in Ireland and so many more.

Do you wish to make your dream of working in Ireland as a nurse a reality? 

Visit Synergy Int. Nursing Network =>

(7). Nurses Lecture Room (YouTube)

Nrs Mercy Mary has been working in the Nurses’ Lecture Room since forever. 

It is on this list, and although not all her information is for nurses, you wouldn’t want to miss the tips she shares with nurses.

Nurses Lecture Room is a brand that makes nursing exam preparation easier for nurses in Nigeria and beyond. 

What makes nurses’ lecture room unique?

You will find information on IELTS, OET, UK OSCE, Nursing Council exam prep, Giveaways, Mentorship and more.

Visit the Nurses Lecture Room here =>

(8). Nursing World Nigeria

I knew about this blog as far back as 2016. It is the oldest nursing website for Nigerian nurses in this list.

The uniqueness is because this nursing blog deals majorly with Nursing job vacancies and nursing training. They recently revamped the website, which is cool!

Visit Nursing World Nigeria here =>

(9). The Nurse, The Math & The Medication

The Nurse Math Med website recently launched (in June 2023) and I can sense how helpful it will be (not because I developed it) but because of how rich it is. It was founded by Nrs. David Ogunlabi, the author of The Nurse The Math & The Medication Handbook for Nurses.

Visit The Nurse The Math & The Med website here =>

Other websites for nurses in Nigeria

Below are some of the nursing websites you can visit often as a nurse.

  • Care city Online: Although founded by nurses it is for the medical profession as a whole.
  • NursingHealth.Org

Wrapping up top nursing websites for nurses in Nigeria 

This topic has given you the list of websites/blogs you can visit often as a nurse in Nigeria (even outside). 

Do you have or know of any other nursing websites with the correct information? Kindly share in the comment