Hello, buddy. If you have been my follower for like 3 years, you’d notice my brand name was Alpha Web Agency. I had to change it because I couldn’t register it with CAC.

Fast forward, the domain name(www.alphawebagency.com.ng) expired and I decided not to renew it. After some months, someone (who is a crook) registered it and somehow stole all my contents. The articles on the blog at the time of publishing this post are mine. Guess my hosting company was careless with it after my hosting expired.

I have locked all links in the articles that come to my Google Drive.

Don’t make payment

Don’t make payment thinking it’s for Sunday Dapo Obembe. You may at your own risk.

What’s my brand name now?

My brand name, registered with CAC now is Alpha Web Consult (one of the subsidiaries is Alpha Web Tips).

DISCLAIMER: www.alphawebagency.com.ng do not belong to me anymore. Whatever you do on it is at your own risk. Sunday Dapo Obembe will not be responsible.