This is a guide on how to make a blogger blog open on Glo Network in Nigeria. Simply the perfect solution to Glo network not opening blogger blogs.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you;

  • what you need to make your blogger blog with a custom domain open on Glo
  • Solution to your blog not opening on Glo

What’s up with Glo?

Glo is one of the mobile networks Nigerians use. It is owned by a Nigerian. Glo has the slogan “Grandmaster of Data” because they always enough data for every pockets. Glo has million of users across the nation.

It is weird but we discovered that if you visit blogger blogs with Glo network it won’t work.

Who are the blogger that face the problem of Glo not opening their blogs?

The kinds of bloggers that face this problem are bloggers using Blogspot that are connected with custom domain name ( instead of the free blogspot subdomain. If you have mapped/connected your custom domain name to Blogspot/Blogger blog, you’ll definitely face this problem.

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What is the solution to make Blog open on Glo?

The solution to how you can make your blogger blog with a custom domain open on Glo is not farfetched. All you need is a functioning email address and a free account on The video above explained everything you need to do to solve the issue.

Steps on how to make blogger blog open on Glo

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Toggle on the HTTPS Redirection (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Create a free account on Cloudflare
  • Open your domain registrar’s account (because you’ll need it to update your Domain Nameserver to that of Cloudflare’s)
  • Follow the video above
  • Wait for the DNS to globally propagate
  • Check your blog with the Glo network

NOTE: On a domain registrar with better support unlike Whogohost, you will easily change/update your DNS.

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Wrapping up solution to make blogger blog open on Glo network in Nigeria

This topic has addressed how you can easily, in 5 minutes, make your blogspot blog with custom domain name open on Glo network. When this is done, there is no way you are losing traffic that will be coming from people who use Glo.

Were you able to do it? Let me know in the comment section.

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