technical SEO as a website developer

This is a complete guide on how to do Technical SEO as a website developer without hiring SEO Experts.

Do you know a website you built will not perform well (rank high) on search engines if as a designer/developer, you didn’t do the technical onsite SEO set-up properly?

What this means for your clients is that they will have to spend a huge amount of money for SEO experts to do what you should have done.

You can be an awesome website developer or a WordPress designer and still struggle with making your website rank on Google and other search engines.

What’s the way out? In this article, we are going to cover;

  • What SEO means in a few lines
  • How to design or develop an SEO-friendly website
  • Submit your website to search engine consoles
  • Right SEO plugins to use if on WordPress

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO in the simplest of terms means ensuring your website is structured, built and constructed to ensure it shows up on Google search result pages (and other search engines’ result pages) whenever anyone searches for a term/words similar to or exactly as you have them on your website.

Something like: how to make my blogger blog open on Glo network, iPhone sellers in Lagos, etc.

How to design/develop an SEO-friendly website

There are some rules you need to observe as a developer when working on a web project to make sure it is SEO-friendly.

Building an SEO-friendly website with WordPress

If you know how to use WordPress and page builders to build amazing websites, the following is what you should observe. See a course on how to become a website designer here.

  1. Use a lightweight theme or build yours with a page builder (e.g Elementor) from scratch
  2. Make sure the theme loads fast. The worst loading time should be 3 seconds
  3. Make use of one h1 tag on your homepage and other pages.
  4. Ensure you link to other pages on your website
  5. Make sure all your images have the right alt text
  6. Use images with the right aspect ratio
  7. Use Breadcrumb where necessary
  8. Use meta description on all pages

Steps to Build an SEO-friendly Website with Code

If you build websites with HTML and the like, take note of the following.

  1. Make use of semantic HTML tags such <header>, <footer>, <article>, <sidebar>, and not just <div>!
  2. Use Open Graph meta tags PLUS other necessary tags
  3. Ensure the pages have at least one H1 tag. No page should have more than one H1 tag.
  4. Do inter-linking of pages (this will increase your PA)
  5. Make sure the HTML file isn’t too heavy.

Submit the website to Google Search Console and others

Google Search Console will not automatically make your website rank. It will reveal to you how your website is performing, if there is any error and it can help in indexing of your content.

See the video below for how to submit your website to Google Search Console

See a video guide on how to submit a website to the Google search console below: