This is a detailed article on the FinXpire Affiliate Program review and how you can sell other people’s products to make at least N200k monthly…even as a beginner.

In this Finxpire review, you’ll learn;

  • What Finxpire is all about
  • If Finxpire is a scam or legit
  • How to sign up/register for Finxpire affiliate
  • how to make money on the Finxpire Program

Let’s get started.

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a paid review or sponsored post.

What is the FinXpire Affiliate Program About? is an affiliate marketing platform where high-quality digital products are listed for affiliate marketers to sell the products and earn commissions. The juicy part is, as an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to own the products you sell. FinXpire is one of a kind and is made solely for Africans.

According to the FinXpire website;

Our goal is to help young creators across the continent make money in an easier way by allowing them leverage on our platform to promote and sell their products without barriers.

FinXpire Alternatives

Some of the alternatives to FinXpire Affiliate Program are; Expertnaire, Digitstem, Stakecut, and some others…with Expertnaire being the oldest of them all.

Is FinXpire Legit or another scam?

FinXpire Affiliate Program was launched in February 2023 and has since been trending in Nigeria’s affiliate marketing communities. It is a platform for product manufacturers and sellers to make money.

On the question of whether FinXpire is legit or a scam, FinXpire is a legit affiliate program in Nigeria. Get paid to either promote your digital courses or sell other people’s digital products.

Who is the FinXpire Affiliate Program for?

This affiliate program is for anyone, regardless of age or occupation who is knowledgeable about affiliate marketing and who wants to diversify their sources of income.

FinXpire has tons of free courses to help you make the money you desire even as a complete beginner of affiliate marketing.

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Ways to make money on the FinXpire Affiliate Program

There are two ways to make money from the FinXpire platform. Namely:

  1. As a digital product owner
  2. As an affiliate marketer

How to make money as a digital product owner on FinXpire

If you want to make money as a digital product owner or a vendor, all you have to do is be knowledgeable enough about any digital skill, create a digital product on it, and sign up on the FinXpire platform for your product to be listed. Please note, that your product will be scrutinized before it is listed on the platform.

When a buyer buys your product, FinXpire delivers the product to the buyer and you get your commission. It is that simple. The more awesome your product is, the more you earn, daily, weekly, and monthly. Get started here.

FinXpire charges 10% of the product cost and there is a 30-day refund policy on all products.

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How to make money as an affiliate marketer on FinXpire Platform

Affiliate marketers are people who promote other people’s products and get a commission on each sale they make. To get started, follow the steps listed below;

  1. Signup on the FinXpire website
  2. purchase the AMM course
  3. Update your account
  4. Start promoting these high-value products
  5. Get paid when a customer buys through your affiliate link

How to register/Sign Up for the FinXpire Program

To go about FinXpire Affiliate registration, click here. You can register as a vendor or affiliate marketer. You need just N15,000 to join. Don’t dally. It may be too take if you don’t take action now.

How to Withdraw money on FinXpire

Cashing out big is the main reason you are reading this article. TO withdraw your commissions from FinXpire Affiliate Progam, make sure you have all your bank details set up correctly in your account. You will get paid, either vendor or affiliate every Monday.

Who are the founders of FinXpire Affiliate?

FinXpire is founded by:

  1. Samson Olaleye (Founder)
  2. Abiodun Ayobami (Co-Founder)
  3. Franca Okpala (Customer Care Manager)
  4. Virtuous George (Social Media Manager)
  5. Joseph Tochi (Creative Designer)

Wrapping up FinXpire Affiliate Program Review

Nowadays and in this present economy and state of the country, you can’t afford to have just one source of income. You need to diversify and joining a program like FinXpire affiliate platform is one of the surest ways to make passive income online.