Do you love watching movies and wish to make a living out of it? This is a descriptive and detailed guide on how to create movie download blog in 2023 without hosting the movies.

In this guide, you’ll know:

  • why you should create movie download blog
  • What you need to build a movies download website
  • How to hire a pro to build a movie download website for you if you do not know how

Want to start a movie download site and make money? Let’s get started!

Why bother to create movie download blog in 2023?

As you know, AI is gradually taking charge. Some bloggers will be rendered useless if they refuse to keep up. One part of blogging that AI will not easily take control of is movie download websites/blogs. Even with the introduction of Netflix and the likes, movie download blogs are still booming.

Look around you, is there anyone not interested in watching movies? Be it American, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and the likes? You can hardly see who isn’t interested. That makes it a hot blogging niche you can venture into if you care about making money online as a blogger in 2023. See the list of top websites to download Korean movies, etc movies I reviewed some time back.

Things you need to build a movie download blog or website

Honestly, you don’t need much. You don’t even need to have a server where the movies can be uploaded for people to download. Below are the things you need to create a movie download site of your own.

  1. Domain name: This is your website address. E.g I recommend you buy the .com extension if you wish to target the global audience (which you should) and be sure no one is using that name before. Make it unique! Easier to pronounce and type. Budget around N5000 – 10000 per year.
  2. Hosting account: This is a server space for your website/blog. It handles the storage of your website’s contents so that it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world. Budget around $30 – $100 per year for a start.
  3. Website developer: This is the most important part. a website developer will advise you on what to do from the planning to the last stage of building your movie download site. Unless you are a developer, don’t risk building a standard website on your own. Budget $75 – $100 (if you wish to use WordPress with a custom look) and at least $500 if you want everything to be coded from scratch for you. CLICK HERE TO HIRE ME.
  4. Create social media handles for your movie download brand: Create an account on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.
  5. Decide which area to focus on: Some movie blog blogs about almost all genres and countries. Decide if you want to focus on Hollywood movies or Bollywood movies or Chinese or Korean dramas.
  6. Bookmark popular movie download sites for updates: This gives you an idea of which movies are popular so you can update them on your blog too.

With these, you are good to go.

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How to get movie download links if you don’t host them

As I said, you don’t need to be rich enough to host movies on your server before you start a movie download website.

There are movie download brands that host movies (either seasonal or short movies). All you have to do is copy their download link and use it on your website. When your brand becomes bigger, you can then decide to host movies on your own server with your brand’s watermark.

If you are in Nigeria/Africa, you can use the download links in Netnaija, 9jarocks, StagaTv and some others.

How to make money with a movie download site

The end goal of starting a blog is to make money. Below are ways to make money from your movie download website.

  1. Pop-up ads: Sign up when your daily page views are at least 500
  2. Sell advert space for advertisers
  3. Sell digital products
  4. Sell affiliate products

Before you can achieve the above, you need to first make sure your blog gets high traffic daily. You know people who will be visiting your blog are teens and adults. The type of product to advertise should target them.

SEO for movies download site: How to rank your movie download blog fast

In order to start ranking fast, you can’t keep doing what the BIG MEN in the industry are doing. Ensure your movie posts are SEO-friendly and do the following too.

  1. Set up your on-page SEO: Your website developer will make sure this is taken care of.
  2. Build useful backlinks: Please, DO NOT BUY BACKLINKS. It will hurt your ranking so badly.
  3. Shamelessly and actively share your blog updates on your social media networks.

I wrote a detailed article on SEO for music Bloggers. You will also find it useful. Read here

Wrapping up how to Create Movie Download Blog in 2023

Movie Download is one of the hottest blogging niches you can venture into. This article has explained to you how you can build a website where people can download movies for free. If you follow the steps highlighted, you will soon be in money as a movie download blogger.

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