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Watch Me Create Entertainment Blog From Scratch Using WordPress & Elementor [PART 1 & 2]

Are you a Website Designer looking for ways to perfect your skills? In this article you will be watching me create entertainment blog from scratch using WordPress and Elementor (most used WordPress pagebuilder).

NOTE: This is not an edited video. I showed you mistakes I made and how I fixed them.

You’ll be learning:

  • How to break blog design into components
  • How to create custom blog archive and single post pages
  • Mistakes I made and how I was able to solve them
  • Necessary plugins you need to achieve the design you want

For better experience, I recommend you practice as you watch (if you are an intermediate or a beginner with the right tools).

Is it possible to create entertainment blog with WordPress from scratch?

YES, it is possible. I will be showing you how I did it and the blog I modelled is 042jams. With the right skillset and creativity, you can do anything you wish with WordPress and Elementor (and maybe other WordPress page builders).

Things to do before designing an entertainment blog

Whenever you want to work as a website designer, you don’t just jump into it and get started right away. You need to critically plan to know things you’ll do and how long it will take you. See some of the things you need to do below.

  1. UI Design or sample of the website you want to build (you can’t work from imagination and expect to be fast)
  2. Know the features that will be added (this determines the plugins you will need).
  3. How soon it is needed by the client

How can website design be broken into components?

It is simple. Website components include: Header, Footer, Hero section, Sidebar, Main body, Article body and so on. When broken this way, you can work on each and join everything together to make a great website.

In Website Development using coding, we talk more of components when using React.js and other JavaScript libraries but it is applicable in Website Design, UI Design and even in web development with HTML and CSS.

Your work is easier and faster when you treat your website as a combination of parts (components).

If you are an intermediate or pro Website user, I recommend you use Hello Elementor theme with your Elementor Pro plugin UNLESS you want to build a super complex website (even then you should consider it).

RECOMMENDED: Beginner to Advanced Website Design Course [Register Here]

Plugins used in this tutorial

The major plugins used are: Advanced Post Queries, Elementor, Elementor Pro and WP-Postviews. You can add other plugins as per your needs.

Watch me create entertainment blog from scratch using WordPress [PART 2]

Watch the continuation of the tutorial here.

YouTube video
Part 2.

Wrapping up

If you were disciplined to watch till the and practiced, you just learned how to create entertainment blog from scratch with WordPress and Elementor. Keep getting better and one day, you’ll be lucky.



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