Do you want to start a blog and are confused about what blogging niche to pick? This is a detailed guide on how you can choose a blogging niche and make money fast.

In this guide, you will learn;

  • What a blog is
  • What blogging niche means
  • How to choose a profitable blogging niche

Let’s get started.

Do you know the reason some people gave up blogging? It is not because it is hard it is because they picked the wrong blogging niche for themselves. And then you hear them saying:

  • I didn’t get traffic, so I gave up
  • I gave up because I couldn’t make money

Some didn’t even understand the niche they are blogging about!

What is a blog?

A blog is a small, personal website (that is frequently updated) that you can use to share things with the rest of the world either to educate, entertain or pass information across. It was also previously referred to as a weblog. Examples of blogs are: Rokiitv, Fellownurses, and so on.

What does Blogging Niche mean?

A niche simply means the area of life you want to focus on. Blogging Niche means the topics you want to focus on, share content on and make money. It means what your blog is about and topics you write about.

If you don’t get your blogging niche right, it will be tight and tough for you.

Common mistakes in Blog niche selection

Mistakes in blogging niche selection

These are the mistakes people make when they decide to choose a niche for their blogs.

1. Picking a broad/generic blog niche

A broad niche like health, technology, finance, etc will definitely have high competition. DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS AS A BEGINNER. Instead, specialize in a small part of a broad niche. Something like Men’s health, Forex trading, etc.

2. Relying only on Google AdSense to make money

Many people started blogging and all their hopes are on Google AdSense. AdSense is not the only blog monetization scheme we have. This means if Google AdSense is gone, they will stop blogging.

There are other options like:

  • Private ads space
  • Selling your digital products
  • Google AdSense alternatives

3. Blogging on the wrong niche

There is no time to stick something that won’t make you successful. Don’t buy the idea of if I stick long enough, it will be a success. If a niche isn’t doing well for you or it’s too saturated and has high competition, go for another niche.

What are the advantages of choosing a blogging niche?

What are the advantages of choosing a blog niche?

The benefits of picking a niche for your blog is many and some of them are:

  1. You are on your way to becoming an expert: With time, if you keep learning and blogging about a particular topic, you will soon become an expert. And when you do, people look up to you to learn and definitely you are not going to do that for free.
  2. More traffic for you:  The chance of your building a high-traffic blog would be higher because you will be working on data and you are more likely to get rewarded by getting lots of organic traffic from Google and other search engines. 
  3. More money for you: The moment your blog starts getting popular, you will be approached by businesses and advertisers. You won’t rely solely on Adsense.
  4. It will be easier to promote your blog
  5. You won’t be stretched unnecessarily: Imagine writing on too many topics and trying to do better than all those big, powerful, and rich competitors. When you narrow down your niche, you won’t face such situation.
Start a blog and make money online

Principles/Ways to Choose a blogging niche

1. Consider your passions

If your blog niche does not align well with your passion, you are not going to keep at it for long. The truth of the matter is, it’s going to get tough before it becomes smooth. Make a list of things you are passionate about, what you want the world to know and check the points below to narrow down your niche.

2. Pick niche with low competition

When starting out, you can’t be successful with going for a high-competition niche. Pick a low-competition, high-search volume niche. Lots of SEO experts are creating blogs daily. Go for a low competitive niche.

3. What is your area of expertise?

This area is also important. What is your expertise? Are you a nurse? Doctor? Computer scientist? Web Developer? When you decide on a low competitive niche, your expertise will also help you grow faster because you already have the training, education you need to churn out amazing content. E.g narrow down on health niche and pick a subniche that has low competition.

4. Topics that will be relevant in the future

To be honest, some blogging niches won’t be relevant in the future. You and I both know how the world is going. Use that to your advantage and pick a niche people will always want to read something about. And don’t be too rigid.

5. Consider AI (ChatGPT and co)

Artificial Intelligence is taking over. When choosing your blogging niche, be sure AI cannot easily provide solutions like your blog would. It will be an issue, A BIG ONE, if AI (e.g ChatGPT) can do exactly what your blog is about. Good thing about AI, you can use to your advantage.

6. Make sure you can monetize your niche.

What’s blogging without money? Nothing. Before finalizing on your niche, check other related blog to see how they make money from their blogs. Google AdSense is a sure way to monetize blogs but they do not support some niches (niches related to sexual contents and some health topics). Be sure people in the niche you choose do the following:

  • Using ad networks like AdSense to monetize
  • Running direct ads?
  • Using affiliate links on the website
  • They sell products (Courses, eBooks)

These will give ideas on you’re going to make money from your blog.

Wrapping up how to choose a blogging niche

This guide gives you ideas of what to do to choose a blogging niche. Be sure to validate your findings with data. Spend time researching on the niche you want to go before creating/starting your blog.

If you perhaps need help with getting your blogging career started, I am 24/7 available for consultation and tutorials. I can help teach you everything about blogging, set up your blog professionally and stay with you till you start monetizing it. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME.